Getting Started

IBIS Reservas is a tool made by a Nicaraguan company (IBIS Servicios), and made with the Central American market in mind. Our system works for hotels in any region, but it has special considerations that take the characteristics of the Nicaraguan and Central American market in mind.

The way you can start using IBIS Reservas is as follows:

  1. Sign up online, and provide your hotel information.

  2. Select a payment method (more about this under Accepting Online Payment).

  3. Send your online application to IBIS Reservas.

  4. We will load your data into the system, and if you have chosen a third-party payment system, then we will provide details on what will be required to integrate this.

  5. You will receive login credentials, and you can check and adjust any information directly through our easy-to-use administrator section.

  6. Once you have confirmed all data, and you have activated the (optional) third-party payment system, then the system will be activated. At this point you will be invoiced for the activation costs (see Pricing), and you will receive a link that you can put on your website to start accepting online bookings!

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See Accepting Online Payments for more information

Why work with us?

We work with a high regards to client satisfaction. Our code is of high standards, and best-practices, compatibility, and the most modern techniques are always on our mind.

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