IBIS Reservas has a very simple pricing structure. There is a one-time installation fee of US$300. This already includes one year licensing. After the first year, the annual licensing fee is US$80.

You can process any number of reservations; there is no payment per reservation. Please note that your (optional) payment provider will charge you for processing credit cards online; these costs are not included in the usage of IBIS Reservas. Learn more about Online Payments here.

Please note: these prices do not include sales tax

Online Payment Options

IBIS Reservas provides support for several online payment options. Our system by itself is not a payment processing system; it is a mechanism to process bookings and optionally integrate online payments along the way. In order to process online payments, every hotel needs to have an payment provider. However, the Nicaraguan / Central American marketplace is still lagging behind other countries, so we have provided a variety of solutions. These options are currently supported:

  • BAC/Credomatic

  • Moneybookers/Skrill

  • Paypal

  • Stripe

  • Transfirst

  • Your Own Bank

In order to consider each option, we have provided a summary with the characteristics of each provider below:


This is one of the largest banks in the region, and they offer the option to process online payments using their own system. This is one of the very few options to use a local bank and accept payments on the web. The advantage is that the payments can be received directly at the local bank account, and you can deal with only one bank for your financial affairs. The disadvantage is that obtaining a contract requires quite some administrative hassle, and sometimes large deposits to be given as guarantee.

Requirements: being an existing CREDOMATIC affiliate. New hotels or hotels without an existing relationship with BAC/Credomatic need to fulfill additional requirements. Count on investing time and paperwork in setting up an account.


This is an online payment processor that allows you to subscribe online and accept a large number of credit cards. Money is received in the online account at Moneybookers/Skrill, and will need to be transferred periodically to your own account. Advantage are that the system is used by millions and is relatively easy to set up. The disadvantage is that you will need to transfer the money from Moneybookers/Skrill to your own account. This might take some time and additional fees might apply, depending on where you have your account.

Requirements: being accepted by Moneybookers, after filling out their online signup form. Having access to a foreign bank account (e.g. in Europe or the US) will make it easier to transfer money to your account.


Paypal is one of the best known online payment processors. Advantages: very easy to set up. Disadvantage: Paypal has poor support in developing countries. Nicaraguan hotels will not be allowed to set up an account. We only recommend this option for hotels that are located in developed countries.

Requirements: being accepted by Paypal.


Stripe is an advanced, easy-to-use, and developer-friendly payment processor. Advantages: high-quality and modern techniques to process payments. One of the best providers out there. Disadvantages: only available to hotels in the US.

Requirements: being located in the US.


This online payment processor is a large company that does operate internationally. Advantages: available to accept payments as a Central American hotel. Disadvantages: need to have a US bank account first, and receiving the money at this bank account rather than a local bank account.

Requirements: having a US bank account.

Your Own Bank

All hotels are different, and we try to accommodate for as many situations as possible. That also means that we can provide custom integration of other banks. However, each bank or payment gateway has a different integration method, so in order for us to work with your bank, we will need to implement this software. There will be a separate implementation fee (between US$150-300 depending on the complexity), and we will need to review the implementation manual in order to provide you with an estimated development time and costs. 

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We work with a high regards to client satisfaction. Our code is of high standards, and best-practices, compatibility, and the most modern techniques are always on our mind.

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