IBIS Reservas allows visitors to book rooms at your hotel, using a simple and friendly user-interface. For users, booking online simply takes three steps to book a room:

  1. Select the date
  2. Select the room(s)
  3. Book!

This very simply process of booking one or several rooms is accompanied by a variety of tools and features to make the booking process easier and to assist the Reservation Department in their efforts. The following features are included in IBIS Reservas:

  • Option to fully modify pricing, room characteristics, and photos through an Administrator Section.
  • Seasonal pricing that allows you to set prices for different seasons (low season, high season, etc).
  • Data is stored in the cloud. That means that you can access and review reservations from any place, and you do not need to worry about maintenance, hosting, or backups of your data – we take care of this.
  • Possibility to also sell other products (like Tours or Bike Rental) to your visitors through the same reservation system.
  • Option to set a price for an additional bed in the room, and the option to configure the number of extra beds for each room.
  • Support for a variety of online payment systems, including Paypal, BAC/Credomatic, and others.
  • E-mail confirmation to both the guest and the Reservations Department whenever a reservation is made.
  • Option to charge additional fees (like extra nights that a guest decides to stay) through the same system.
  • Reports and statistics about room occupancy and reservation rates.

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We work with a high regards to client satisfaction. Our code is of high standards, and best-practices, compatibility, and the most modern techniques are always on our mind.

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